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About BD Thai Cosmo Ltd.
BD Thai Cosmo Ltd., an ISO 9001:2008 certified company was incorporated in 2012 with the most important slogan for the company "Let there be light " জীবন হোক আলোকিত" The company produces electronic lighting products as a solution for energy conservation. The main aim is to provide the people of Bangladesh with high quality products at a reasonable and affordable price. BD Thai Cosmo Ltd. is one of the concerns of BD Thai Group ( This company mainly manufactures and markets LED Bulbs, LED Tube Lights, Compacts Fluorescent Lamps (CFL), Incandescent Lamps (GLS) etc. These products are available in variety of watts, sizes and shapes for the consumers to pick and choose which best suit them. BD Thai Cosmo Ltd. uses the most modern and sophisticated machineries to produce its products. The LED and CFL Lamps of Cosmo have achieved high lumen and CRI performance.BD Thai Cosmo Ltd. also produces other electrical items such as gang switch series, piano switch series, Bakelite items and other electrical item and components using best of materials and technology

The company is run by an efficient professional management team. Quality control procedure is our strength. We have world class QC equipments to ensure that each batch of lamps are developed to maintain desirable standard electronic parameters so that lumen, efficacy, life time of different lamps are ensured as per our label claim. Our experienced Research and Development (RnD) department is always trying to achieve perfection. They are constantly making major alterations to the components of the lamps so that they can cope up with the violent current fluctuations that are not uncommon in Bangladesh.

The Board of this company consists of members who are highly qualified and have vast experience in handling different business successfully. The Board of BD Thai Cosmo Ltd. is committed to ensuring that the end consumers get the best possible products.

Production Facilities of Cosmo

We make as much as we can in house to have control over cost, quality and sustainability. We have the following production facilities.

Services Provided By Cosmo